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Rent and test ride Yuba bikes. Yuba bikes are available to rent on listnride.

Yuba Electric Cargo Bicycles are cargo utility bikes for carrying 1 to 3 kids by bike. Perfect solution for carrying cargo and doing deliveries. The special thing about a Yuba is on the one hand its extra long luggage carrier on which there is enough space for up to two child seats or three children. On the other hand, there are the storage areas on the side of the frame. Despite a maximum payload of up to 200 kg, the Yubas are dynamic and easy to steer. You hardly notice the difference to a normal bike!



All Yuba models are only as big as necessary. This makes them agile, easy to drive and space-saving to park.



From the wide range of accessories you can choose the right extension for the transport of people and loads.



Yuba bikes are so much fun so that after a short time you will also use it as an everyday bike as well as a leisure and excursion bike!

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Visit the listnride Experience Center Munich to discover, try, and buy your Yuba bike. Here you can find the whole range of Yuba bikes. List and Ride GmbH, ThalkirchnerstraĂźe 210, 81371 Munich, +49 030 120870330, contact@listnride.com