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Louez et testez des vélos Whyte à Berlin

Les excellents avis de ces vélos sont en partie attribuables à une autre série de chiffres. Ceux qui composent la géométrie et le caractère uniques de Whyte. Qu'il s'agisse de leurs vélos ultra-légers, de leurs vélos de la série pur-sang EWS G170, de leurs vélos de course d'entrée de gamme de la série 600 ou de leurs vélos de route Wessex primés et révolutionnaires, chaque Whyte est conçu pour créer une chimie unique en votre compagnie. plus vite, plus loin et plus confortablement en toute confiance.


Whyte Racing

Nothing sharpens your focus like racing and Whyte bikes are designed with that in mind, pushing you and the bike to the limit. Always! The Whyte teams have scored multiple wins and podium positions from the lunatic 38km long glacier to valley bottom Mega Avalanche enduro, to National championship XC, or ultra distance MTB orienteering, and endurance racing events.


Whyte Bikes Work

Building an ever ready bike isn’t just about the frame, it’s about equipping it right too. Whyte bikes don’t just mean blindly jumping on every passing parts bandwagon and asking you to make sense of the mess either. Instead Whyte bikes have always been way ahead of the curve with similarly radical components so that you hit the ground running while other brands are still scrambling to react.


The Whyte Way

The true definition of freedom is that you can do whatever you want whenever you want. For Whyte bikes that means they are designed to work at their best whenever you need them to and no matter the weather conditions.

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