The Geero E-Bike - like cycling, only better.

Geero e-bikes are perfect city bikes, but are also suitable for extended tours. The range of a fully charged battery is around 85 km, but our Geeros ride just fine even without electrical assistance. The BOS motor can be switched off completely and voilà - "simple cycling". With a dead weight of around 16 kg, it won't be too strenuous either. The 250 watt motor and the built-in electronics make Geero exceptionally powerful. The 444 Wh battery, on the other hand, is completely hidden in the down tube and can be removed with a handle.


Votre nouveau Geero - votre choix

Trois options d'équipement différentes, trois tailles et deux types de cadre différents. Et tout cela dans deux couleurs rétro très sympas. Vous pouvez personnaliser votre Geero à votre guise.


Batterie amovible et moteur dissimulé

Avec son moteur dissimulé, ses composantes électroniques intégrées et sa batterie amovible, le Geero ressemble à un vélo normal et pourtant, il est loin d'être ordinaire


Vélos électriques fabriqués avec passion en Autriche

Nos vélos fabriqués dans la magnifique Styrie en Autriche sont emballés avec amour et envoyés directement chez vous. Vous pouvez faire votre première sortie avec votre Geero en un clin d'œil.

Rent and test-ride the e-bike from Geero today!

With Geero, an e-bike was created that had never been seen before in terms of performance, but also in terms of simplicity and ease of use. From the start, the focus was on simple maintenance and minimising any loss of power due to heat. So finally the development of the electrical system began, which was intentionally not integrated into the engine, but built into the seat tube. Only then did they devote themselves to the design and “hiding” of the components in the simple retro frame or the rear wheel hub. Said components, in turn, had to be developed especially for the Geero, since the world market had nothing comparable or usable to offer. Learn more on the official Geero product page.