Take the Streets

Designed to feel the road. And beat the commute. Get around your city on an award-winning bike.


Track every trace

Built-in GPS tracking ensures your bike is always in range. Stay connected when it’s locked nearby, no move without you.


Safety comes fierce

On the prowl at dusk, or awake at dawn. Intensifying lights and hydraulic brakes ever there as you slow. And then, you’re off


The road is yours

No buttons, no gears. Intuitive motor assistance adapts automatically to power the speed you need.

Rent and test ride Cowboy bikes today! Meet Cowboy. The electric bike for urban riders.

Cowboy is the first connected bike that gives people the freedom to take the streets. Designed to be beautiful and agile in both mechanics and technology, one ride and you’ll want this bike to be yours too.Through a passion for design and technology working in harmony to unlock a new path for people and systems, we are creating a new experience for people to move freely around cities. Learn more on Cowboy.com